Join us for an amazing and memorable experience as we feature the exquisite wines from the iconic island of Santorini. Discover the fascinating wine culture of Santorini through this amazing event that will feature over a dozen wines from this volcanic island. The event will include a walk around format to sample and enjoy a variety of white and red wines from Santorini, a short discussion on Santorini’s wine culture, a talk about Santorini and its impact throughout history presented by anthropologist Dr. Susanna Hoffman, delicious Greek food to enjoy, as well as featured products from Santorini and Greece presented by Greekazon. Our special guest, Dr. Susanna Hoffman, has lived on the island for many years and will give us an in-depth discussion on Santorini’s history over the years. Santorini’s wines have been well-received internationally, earning accolades for their exceptional quality. They are often described as elegant, expressive, and reflective of the island’s unique terroir. Whether you’re a wine enthusiast or an adventurous palate, exploring Santorini’s wine offerings is a delightful experience that showcases the island’s distinct flavors and winemaking traditions. Previous wine experience is not required but a thirst to learn and discover is highly recommended to enjoy this event.
Featured Wineries:
Santo Winery
Domaine Sigalas
Hatzidakis Winery
Tselepos – Canava Chrysou
Argyros Estates

Maliotis Cultural Center

The AF Foundation