Embracing our culture and preserving our Hellenic identity

After decades of individually being involved in the Greek communities around us, Greek events, Greek churches, etc., we have decided to come together as a collective group and focus our attentions on how we TRULY can help and make an impact in our GREEK COMMUNITY. We are all about changing how things are done and we look forward to partnering with various individuals and other organization that share our same mission.

It is time for us as Greek Americans to adapt in how we embrace our Hellenic roots. We are excited to embrace technology in our creative approach in creating opportunities that are more effective for today’s generation.

What does AF stand for?
A is for Ariston - by today's definition means "the very best". Below is an ancient explanation:

Ariston Of Chios, Ariston also spelled Aristo, (flourished 3rd century BC), Greek philosopher who studied under Zeno, the founder of the Stoic school of philosophy; he combined Stoic and Cynic ideas in shaping his own beliefs. Ariston believed that the only topic of genuine value in philosophy is the study of ethics and went even further in claiming that only general and theoretical issues are worth discussing in ethics and that there is only one true virtue in life—an intelligent, healthy state of mind.

F is for Filotimo - which means a sense of honor.

Filotimo describes an attitude toward fellow humans and humanity at large. It means showing empathy, compassion, and generosity without expecting anything in return, taking pride in doing what is right and honorable and being humble at the same time.


Preserving Hellenism

Promote and preserve Hellenism in the diaspora.

Education - What is more important to Greeks than education? We set the world on its path from ancient times with the power of our knowledge, and we continue to this day to understand the importance and strength of education, knowledge, and wisdom. Hellenism has persevered because of our desire for education, and we will continue that path forever.
Promoting - Hellenism in America needs promoting! Sounds simple, but why is this so important to the AF Foundation? Promotion creates a source of information for people. The more information about Hellenism, the stronger Hellenism becomes. Promotion creates differentiation. What makes Hellenism different from other cultures and why do we stand out? It provides communication opportunities. Greeks can have a better arsenal in discussing Hellenism, and non-Greeks can learn or improve their knowledge of the strength of Hellenism. Promotion unites us. The more Hellenism is at the forefront of everyone’s thoughts, the stronger the community becomes, and the more power our culture gains as a result.
Preserving - Hellenism gave the world so much throughout history, and now it is our turn to give back to Hellenism by preserving the rich and robust culture that set a precedent for the rest of our world. Where would civilization be if it were not for Hellenism? The greatest injustice would be to sit back and allow this glorious culture to fade away.

Foundation Updates

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