The Cretan Wine Experience Event

Take a tour in one of the world’s most ancient vineyards and taste wines from Crete, the largest island of Greece. In this immersive experience you will have the chance to taste wines and enjoy a guided wine tasting led by the film’s director, Chrisa Giorgi. Explore the wines that come from the old vines […]

May Greek Name Days

May 1 Filosofos, Isidora, Dora, Jeremia, Ieremia, Panaretos, Tamara, Tammara, Tamar May 2  Avgerinos, Avgeris, Avgerou, Avgerini, Ava, Boris, Borys, Mporisos, Michael, Esperos, Matrona May 3  Rodopi, Rodopee May 4  Melia May 5  Efraim, Efrem, Eirinaios, Irenaeus, Eirene, Eirini, Irene, Irini, Rene, Rena, Renia, Rhenia May 6  Iov, Job, Iovia, Iobia, Jobia, Jovia, Iovi, Iobi, […]

May Greek Historical Events

May 1, 1924 – Admiral Paul Koundouriotis becomes President of Greece. May 1, 1946 – The Paris Peace Conference concludes that the islands of the Dodecanese should be returned to Greece by Italy. May 5, 1980 – Konstantinos Karamanlis is elected for the first time President of Greece. May 6, 2012 – Greek parliamentary election […]

April Greek Name Days

 April 2  Titos  April 3  Illyrios  April 5  Panagiotis, Panayotis, Panos, Panousos, Panagis, Panagos, Giotis, Yiotis, Panikos, Takis, Panagiota, Panayota, Yiota, Giota, Panagioula, Panagoula, Pani, Tota, Toula, Pegie, Pegy  April 6  Eftihios, Eftychios, Eftyhia, Eftyhis  April 8  Lazaros, Lazarus, Lazos  April 9  Dafnis, Daphne, Dafni, Efpsyhios, Psyxoula, Josef, Iosif, Sifis, Vaia, Vaios, Juli  April 10 […]

April Greek Historical Events

April 1, 705 – Greek pope John VII chosen as successor to John VI. April 2, 1986 – 4 US passengers killed by bomb at TWA counter at Athens Airport. April 3, 1834 – The generals in the Greek War of Independence stand trial for treason. April 4, 1913 – Greek aviator Emmanuel Argyropoulos becomes […]

Greek Fun Facts – Ostracism

Ancient Greeks had a unique way of voting called ostracism, where citizens would write the name of someone, they wanted to be exiled from Athens on a piece of broken pottery called an “ostrakon“. If a person received enough votes (at least 6,000), they would be exiled from the city for ten years. This practice […]

The AF Foundation

We are so excited to announce the creation of our newest venture The AF Foundation. The AF Foundation is a registered 501(c)3 non profit organization based out of Massachusetts. With over 25 years of supporting our Hellenic culture and having our Hellenic identity shape each of us into who we are today, we’ve decided to […]

Roula’s Guide to Give Greek in 2023

As a nonprofit professional with over two decades of experience I’ve helped multiple organization raise millions of dollars. When I looked at my own philanthropic giving over the last five years it had pulled away from Greek organizations. I wasn’t as connected to what was out there. Yes, I sent my child to Greek school, […]

Our charity event with Kalomira

Ari of The AF Foundation brought Greek American singer Kalomira to Boston for a charity event to support the Metropolitan Greek Youth Camp. The camp is a great service for kids to connect with their faith and culture, and to forge lifelong relationships.