As a nonprofit professional with over two decades of experience I’ve helped multiple organization raise millions of dollars. When I looked at my own philanthropic giving over the last five years it had pulled away from Greek organizations. I wasn’t as connected to what was out there. Yes, I sent my child to Greek school, but we had pulled a bit away from the church. I always say that I am a Greek American. The Greek always came first. It was never a question. My dad always said that he didn’t learn English well, so his children would learn Greek. After all, our language in the community that is involved around that is such a huge part of what it means to be Greek. After graduating from Greek school, minoring in modern Greek studies in college, having attended hundreds of Greek Dances and probably an equal number of Greek weddings, I think I’ve earned the title of Greek American.

But now here I was finding myself transplanted in Canada, married to a fellow Greek, trying to raise a Greek child, and feeling the least connected to my Greek community than I ever had.

What approached by a fellow Boston College alum and a friend who I had known through the Greek space for many years I jumped on the opportunity to finally be able to get back to my own community.

The AF Foundation will fill a void that is needed in the fundraising world when it comes to Hellenic organizations. Our mission will promote and preserve Hellenism in the diaspora. This will be done through various events including educational wine dinners, seminars, workshops, fundraising galas, networking opportunities, film, and more.

We will create opportunities for volunteerism and philanthropy along with the ability to connect with our fellow Greeks.

When I ask friends why they don’t get involved with Greek organizations usually get two answers number one because the organization is too old school Greek. Number two because the individual feels as though they’re not Greek enough. I promise you at the AF foundation there is a place at our table for you regardless of which category you fall into, and we will welcome you with open arms.

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