The Cretan Wine Experience Event

Take a tour in one of the world’s most ancient vineyards and taste wines from Crete, the largest island of Greece. In this immersive experience you will have the chance to taste wines and enjoy a guided wine tasting led by the film’s director, Chrisa Giorgi. Explore the wines that come from the old vines […]

Roula’s Guide to Give Greek in 2023

As a nonprofit professional with over two decades of experience I’ve helped multiple organization raise millions of dollars. When I looked at my own philanthropic giving over the last five years it had pulled away from Greek organizations. I wasn’t as connected to what was out there. Yes, I sent my child to Greek school, […]

Our charity event with Kalomira

Ari of The AF Foundation brought Greek American singer Kalomira to Boston for a charity event to support the Metropolitan Greek Youth Camp. The camp is a great service for kids to connect with their faith and culture, and to forge lifelong relationships.

Our donation to the Philoxenia House

Ari of The AF Foundation created an amazing event – the Hellenic Intercollegiate Dance – which united all the Greek college kids of Boston for a night of dancing, networking, charity, and fun. The success of the event allowed Ari to donate all the proceeds to Boston’s Philoxenia House, which helps sick children from Greece […]

My Big Fat Greek Wedding Premiere

Before the mega-hit movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding was breaking records for highest grossing independent movie, the studios gave us an exclusive screening to premiere the film to our Greek community. Ari from The AF Foundation screened the movie with star/writer Nia Vardalos and co-star John Corbett. Here is a sneak peek from that […]