Fotios Stamos


With over 20 plus years of experience, Fotios Stamos is a business development and marketing professional covering the entertainment, hospitality, and digital industries. With a strong focus in brand development and marketing strategies, Fotios brings business solutions to every platform.

As a native of Boston, Fotios’s Greek heritage and career in marketing and business development are the foundation for his chosen path into entrepreneurship.

His early experiences upon graduating from Boston College began with internships that converted quickly into the position of public relations and event director for a Chicago based publication. From this point, Fotios launched an entertainment company that created and managed tours for various nationally acclaimed comics and artists. While developing his network and resources, he began hosting cultural and philanthropic events to raise awareness and funds through galas, wine dinners, and celebrations.

In 2000, Fotios joined the founder of GreekBoston & World Wide Greeks to spearhead sales, marketing, and event planning. Their collaboration and partnership grew their sites to one of the most visited Greek sites of its time.

During the mid 2000s, Fotios had a growing passion for wine and decided to get involved in the industry by working for various wine importers and eventually taking on an opportunity to work in Legal Seafood’s beverage department under the wing of Master of Wine, Sandy Block. This experience led Fotios to understand the voids and misconceptions in the wine industry and decided to create online platforms with partner Ari Kalos, to educate and inspire individuals about wine in approachable formats while offering wines from their online shops. They are the founders of Greek Wine Club and Urban Wine Club.

As technology progressed, Fotios once again decided to launch with Ari Kalos a multi digital. company, AF Experience that creates web & app-based platforms, hosts several podcasts, created an artisan Greek shopping app called Greekazon, a donating platform called Greek Donation, and recently launched an online global radio/streaming platform called GreekAFRadio.